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Justjobs is an online exchange of supply and demand for human resources capital. It has been developed based on the same principle we apply to all e-Business potential solutions - deliver value through business driven technology applications, scalable architectures and excellent user functionality.

Our approach leverages e-Business strategy, architecture and integration services to develop end-to-end user-centric potential solutions that enable a more dynamic and effective way of doing business with each of the core entities of an organization: customers, business partners and employees.

Our strategy services aim at articulating an internet vision, establishing goals, identifying opportunities, defining strategies, and developing action plans that employ best practices and ensure measurable success.

Our architecture services create applicable blueprints for designing, developing and migrating to a new scalable, internet-centric technical and site architecture, and common technology platform that is capable of supporting current and future e-Business initiatives and applications.

Our integration services help ensure effective aggregation of e-Business applications and processes with back-end systems to create a unified enterprise-wide computing environment that both streamlines the operations of the internal organization and reaches beyond its boundaries to connect, interact, and grow with customers and partners.

For more information on our e-Business services please contact:

Nikos Dimakos, Partner  
Tel: +30 210 60 62 139 
email: ndimakos@kpmg.gr

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