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Powerful tools for recruitment & assessment

CV Screening

Let us pre-screen the CVs that have applied to your Job Advert and select for you only those that fulfill your criteria.

  • Benefit from our technical expertise
  • Save time and effort
  • Contact candidates based on the level of proximity to your requirements.

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Justtests.gr offers very reliable personality and analytical & numerical ability test, whether as a pre-screening tool to determine which candidates to proceed to the interview stage or as a source of additional information to be used further during the interview.

  • Assess all candidates with the same objective criteria.
  • Minimize the number of applicants to interview.
  • Utilize a powerful interview guide based on the outcomes of the test.
  • Get a comprehensive report of findings to consider along with other evidence you have collected from your recruitment process.
  • Share the report with the hiring manager or other professionals involved in your recruitment process.
  • Evaluate qualitative data to support decision making among shortlisted candidates.

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