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Use now our Support Services to benefit from our technical expertise, save time and effort and get the maximum from our cooperation.

CV Screening

Screening of the profiles who have applied to a Job Advert and selection of those that fulfill the position’s criteria.


On-line assessment tool, measuring a wide range of personality traits and characteristics, which is based on the world-wide accepted 16 Personality-Factors theory of Raymond B. Cattel. Personality, verbal & numerical reasoning in ONE test, through JustTests.gr!

The Assessment Report includes a powerful interview guide and a comprehensive report with visual interpretation of the results. It serves as an objective report to compare your potential candidates and offers management tips to help your employees evolve within your organization.

Vis a Vis filtering

Justjobs advisors conduct short interviews with the candidates of your choice and provide you with more in-depth information and additional insights for the recruitment process.

Employer Branding

Develop brand awareness and attract professionals who share the same values. Promote your corporate actions in the professionals' labor market and link your corporate name to your branded products or services.

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