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Q: When I try to apply to a job advertisement a question appears. Why?

A: The employer who handles the specific position requests you to verify that you cover the prerequisite(s) before applying. Based on your answer will forward your CV or will stop the applying process.

Q: Can I apply to a job advertisement even if I do not have an account on

A: allows you to apply to job advert even if you have not created an account. Why not register and benefit from all the features that can offer?

Q: What information is necessary to provide so that the potential employer can easily have the correct first impression of your profile?

A: Here are some quick tips on how to create a successful CV. It is also equally important to know what not to include, in order to ensure that your CV does not contain sensitive personal data that is not related to the job application process.

Therefore, always remember to include:

  • Personal Information, such as name, telephone number and a valid email address
  • Educational Background, including institutions you have attended and qualifications gained
  • Work Experience, listed in a reverse chronological order, including name of employer, dates of joining and leaving the company, main duties and responsibilities
  • Competencies & Skills, relevant to the job you are applying for

What not to include:

  • Sensitive personal details (e.g. age, ethnicity, gender etc.)
  • Religious or Political beliefs
  • Financial data / Salary details
  • Reference names and details, unless specifically asked
  • Family status

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