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Q: How do I search jobs on

A: You can find jobs by using either the criteria shown on homepage or by selecting from the main menu bar the "Find jobs" page in order to create a more detailed search.

Q: How can I get more relevant search results?

A: On "Find jobs" page you can search for job openings by using various criteria such as "Keyword", "Location", "Function", "Business Sector", "Hierarchical level" and "Type". If you use more than one criterion your search results will contain job advertisements that match all your criteria simultaneously. As a result such a search will give you more refined outcomes, closer to your ideal job search.

Otherwise, you can search by one criterion and then narrow down the results by entering a second (a third, etc) criterion within the initial search results.

Q: How can I get more information about a job posting?

A: simple publishes job advertisements. For further information concerning a specific opening you are suggested to contact the specific Employer.

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